Jim Smith

In 1930 Jim Smith graduated from Chevrolet body service. From that day forward, Jim work hard to earn the respect of those professionals in his field. he succeeded at gaining the trust and respect of the community. In 1932 Jim and his girlfriend, soon after, his wife took the photos you see below. The bridge is known as the Georgia State Line bridge on hwy 123 going toward Toccoa Ga.

 The center of that bridge was removed in the 70's & reused as the Cobb Bridge rd bridge over Chauga river even today Hometown history, still being made today, right here in Westminster SC.

Jim Smith’s Garage

In 1956 Jim opened his own shop. He started in a small rented shop on what is now Rite-Aid store on Main street. The Jim Smith building was built in 1967 and for the next 54 plus years that business has operated from the same location right outside Westminster South Carolina.  Although Jim is no longer physically with the company, the spirit of his work ethic and personal interest in the wellbeing of his clients remains strong, even today, over 50 years later.